Me myself and I

Born in 1975, grown up in the ’80s and now living in Kontich, just south of Antwerp / Belgium.

From a young age on I was attracted to photography and it never stopped growing on me. The photos I took with my small camera were never good enough for me, it always lacked something. So at one day I decided to invest in a Canon 40D DSLR camera and later on some extra lenses.
It was the beginning of a new adventure … an adventure that would evolve in something bigger than a hobby… it evolved into my own photography business called Morty Photography, which I founded back in 2010. My professional photography is specialized in event, lifestyle and wedding photography.

Does it stop there?

Sometimes I wish! But photography is here to stay and has become part of my life. It still also remains a hobby and I regularly take a camera with me when I go out. It has also become an essential part of my travels. I just love to wander around the streets of a city, catching those sights and moments.

Anything else?

Besides photography? Yes, I do have a few other interests. These vary from the little car that is MINI (YES I am a MINI addict) to traveling the world and occasionally writing about it on the Belgian blog

I invite you to checkout my photography business website : Morty Photography

Feel free to contact me through one of the social media channels or via the contact details here or on my business website.

Who knows? I might ‘shoot’ you next!

Regards from the man behind the camera.