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Göteborg an unexpted little gem

I was told by my former Norwegian colleague, that Göteborg would be the perfect city to start my first visit to the beautiful country of Sweden.  So I gave it a go and he was right. I really loved the city and it’s vibe.


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Sunsets in Sweden

I managed to sort out 80% from my photos from Sweden and got a few done. Here are some sunsets I was fortunate to catch on camera.


The southern archipelago of Göteborg

I went on a sunset cruise through the beautiful southern archipelago of Göteborg. I honestly could not have imagined how beautiful it was. I took tons of photos, but I really would already like to share this one with you.


Sweden in May

I’ll be heading for Sweden in May (9 – 16), something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. I’ll be flying to Göteborg first, where I’ll spent 3 days and later on head to Stockholm.
I’ve chosen to head by train from Göteborg to Stockholm, to see a bit of this beautiful country. Well I hope it will be worth the 4 hour trip. Well normally it’s 3 hours but due to railroad maintenance that weekend (typically) it’ll take 1 hour longer. Maybe I’ll get some time to edit some pictures or get some sleep.

I didn’t arrange a lot yet, we’ll see what the day brings. I did book a sunset cruise around the archipelago with a shrimp and salmon buffet in Göteborg on Friday.
On Sunday I’ll see my MINI friend Fredrik, who will take me for a tour of the southern part of Stockholm, towards Nynäshamn.

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