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Charles Bridge or Karluv Most by night – soon on a print

Charles Bridge

You all remember that photo right? While on holidays I received news there’s interest to have this one printed on a big canvas. Always nice to hear that my work gets appreciated, even if it’s private / hobby photography related instead of work.


Summer festivals

It’s been a busy summer and as usualĀ  I have been taking photos at some dance festivals. Here are a few of the photos I took.

TML 2017

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Belgian Pier – Blankenberge on the cover of a stamp collection

A few weeks back I was notified that my photo of the Belgian Pier in the coastal city of Blankenberge would be used as a cover photo for a limited stamp collection about Belgian architecture.

Although I should have been happy, I in fact was a bit disappointed since my photo wasn’t selected as a stamp after all. Honestly that would have been cooler, no? Nevertheless seeing my photo on the cover and my name next to it, does look cool actually.


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