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The southern archipelago of Göteborg

I went on a sunset cruise through the beautiful southern archipelago of Göteborg. I honestly could not have imagined how beautiful it was. I took tons of photos, but I really would already like to share this one with you.


Sweden in May

I’ll be heading for Sweden in May (9 – 16), something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. I’ll be flying to Göteborg first, where I’ll spent 3 days and later on head to Stockholm.
I’ve chosen to head by train from Göteborg to Stockholm, to see a bit of this beautiful country. Well I hope it will be worth the 4 hour trip. Well normally it’s 3 hours but due to railroad maintenance that weekend (typically) it’ll take 1 hour longer. Maybe I’ll get some time to edit some pictures or get some sleep.

I didn’t arrange a lot yet, we’ll see what the day brings. I did book a sunset cruise around the archipelago with a shrimp and salmon buffet in Göteborg on Friday.
On Sunday I’ll see my MINI friend Fredrik, who will take me for a tour of the southern part of Stockholm, towards Nynäshamn.

Sunset over the Möselvalley

Another shot from the lovely autumn sunset over the Möselvalley and its vineyards near Trier. It was taken about 2 weeks ago and I understand why people walk or drive up to Petrisberg to enjoy the view. I wouldn’t mind sitting there in summer with a glass of wine and some cheese.


The woman and the sunset

I shot this one from Petrisberg viewing point, just outside of Trier. Just in time to catch the autumn sunset over the Mösel valley and to make it a bit more interesting, I added my friend in the photo. It came out just as I visioned it would be, so happy with it. What do you think?



Dinant – Trier – Luxembourg trip – Will soon start editing

Together with a good friend I made a small roadtrip and visited the cities of Dinant (BE), Trier (DE) and Luxembourg (LU) this last week. I think I took some nice shots, so looking forward on editing and posting them. I already finished one yesterday which I posted on Instagram. Here it’s on a larger scale, Dinant by Night.

Dinant by Night

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