Wroclaw and its dwarfs

Wroclaw and its dwarfs

Some of my friends always ask me why I go to Wroclaw. I honestly just love the vibe of the city. In some way it reminds me of cities like Berlin, mixing old and new, classic and modern. Lots of greens and a laid back atmosphere, partially due to all the students I guess.  To have a friend living there to hang out with, makes it even more fun. Nevertheless, we don’t meet that often. So what do you do then? Well you explore the beautiful city for sights and sounds, food and drinks.

One way of exploring the city in a fun way is to go dwarf hunting. I hear you think now .. dwarfs?  Well sortlike. I’m referring to small statues that hide among the streets and narrow alleys, eluding the sight of passers-by. They are all over town and sometimes during the “hunt” you discover something new, a nice spot, a nice bar or a square. That’s how I stumbled upon Central Café.

According to the website Krasnale that keeps track of the dwarfs, the current count is 165 pieces all over Wroclaw. I’ve currently found around 60, so I’m good to go for a while LOL.

More information can be found on the Krasnale.pl website.


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